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Using Splashtop Remote Access

To initiate a remote connection to a new device follow the steps below: 

1. From the Agent Dashboard click Connect

 The connect button is also available in the Device view.

The Connect to a device popup window displays.

Note: You must download and install the Splashtop RMM client in order to connect to a device.

2. Click the Splashtop RMM Client hyperlink
3. Follow the prompts to install Splashtop RMM Client
4. When Splashtop installation is complete click Connect
Note: Permit popups for Splashtop.
5. Click Open Splashtop RMM OOBE

6. Click on the Connect button again to launch a remote connection

The remote Server / PC will now be available for remote connection.

  • Both new Atera users with NO Splashtop account, and existing Splashtop users must install the Splashtop RMM tool on the target Agent. 
  • Once you click Connect, Atera will push a streamer to the Agent. This process should take a few seconds.


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