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Use Splashtop Remote Access

Our Splashtop integration enables you to provide instant remote support for your customers anywhere, and at any time. Securely connect to remote computers, access files and applications, and troubleshoot problems without having to leave your desk.

Note: This article discusses Splashtop unattended remote support. Atera also offers Splashtop SOS attended remote support.


To initiate a remote connection to a new device, follow the steps below: 


1. From the agent console, click Connect.

 The connect button is also available in the Device view.


The Connect to a device popup window appears.


Note: You must download and install the Splashtop RMM client in order to connect to a device.

2. Click the Splashtop RMM Client hyperlink.


3. Follow the prompts to install the Splashtop RMM client.


4. When Splashtop installation is complete click Connect.


Note: Please allow popups for Splashtop.



5. Click Open Splashtop RMM OOBE

6. Click on the Connect button again to launch a remote connection.

The remote server / PC will now be available for remote connection.



  • Both new Atera users with no Splashtop account, and existing Splashtop users must install the Splashtop RMM tool on the target agent. 
  • Once you click Connect, Atera will push a streamer to the agent. This process should take a few seconds.


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