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Can I use Office 365 / Gmail / Exchange for Mail Forwarding?


This KB explains how to enable mail forwarding for:

  • Office 365 / Exchange
  • Gmail

Time estimate to complete this procedure:

It should only take about ten minutes to complete these processes. This is a rough estimate based on our experience with several customers.

 To enable mail forwarding follow the steps below:

Leave the Customize SMTP Settings fields blank.


Setting Mailbox Forwarding


1. From the Email control panel go to Users > Active users 

2. Click on the Username 

3. Click on Edit

4. Set auto generate email

5. Click Save


Setting Mailbox Forwarding to a Contact


Create a Contact:

1. From control panel go to Users > Contact > Create a contact

2. Set the email address with the Auto-generated email from Atera App > Admin > Email Settings

Set Forwarding:

3. From control panel go to Users > Active users 

4. Click on the Username


5. Click Edit Exchange Properties

6. Click on Mailbox features > Mail Flow > View Details

7. Click on Browse and choose the contact name 

(i) It is recommended to tick the option “Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox”.

8. Click OK
Setting Forwarding to a Contact Via Distribution Group

Create a Distribution Group:

1. From the Control Panel go to Groups > Groups > Add a Group

Ensure “Distribution Group” is selected.


2. Add members to the group. The member should be the contact name that you previously created.

3. Click Save

4. Send a new email to the primary support address you have in Atera > Admin > Email settings

Enable forwarding by navigating to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP
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