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Products and Expenses - Overview


The Sales List function allows you to add product and expense items to a customer ticket. These items will be billed to the client as part of the work on the ticket.


  • Products: Replacement parts, software licenses etc.
  • Expenses: Technician travel expenses, fuel etc.

These Sales List items will automatically be added to the billing batch at the end of the month. 

To access the products and expenses form follow the steps below:

1. From the left-hand panel click Admin
2. Then click Products & Expenses

The Products & Expenses page displays.

From here you can:

  • Add a Product
  • Add an Expense
  • Edit a Product / Expense
  • Delete a Product / Expense
  • View the Product / Expense Relations


Adding a Product or Expense


See: Add a Product or Expense


Edit a Product / Expense


Click the Edit button next to the Product / Expense to enable edit mode. Update any required fields and click Save when finished.



Delete a Product / Expense


Click the Delete button next to the Product / Expense. Confirm deletion by clicking Yes.


This action will permanently delete the Product / Expense. Consider using the Archive Product checkbox in Edit mode to remove the item from future sale.


View the Product / Expense Relations


Click the Relations button next to the Product / Expense. The Product Relations window displays which Sales (Customer and Ticket) the specific Product or Expense is related to.



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