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Add a Product or Expense

This article will walk you through the process of creating a product or expense for the purpose of charging customers, as well as adding the product or expense to a customer ticket.


Create a product or expense

You can create a product or expense.


To create a product or expense:

1. Click on Admin (in the side panel), then Products & Expenses. The Products & Expenses screen appears.



2. Click the Add Product Item button to add a product or the Add Expense Item button to add an expense.




3. Fill in the form that appears, and click Add. Your product or expense is now added and will appear as product/expense options in your tickets.




Add a product or expense to a ticket

You can add the product or expense to a ticket. 


To add a product or expense to a ticket:

1. from within a ticket, click the Actions drop-down menu, and select Products & Expenses.




2. Click Add  and then select product or expense. 



3. Fill in the product or expense details:

  • Click on either the 'Product' or 'Expense' tab
  • Description: Enter the product / expense description e.g. Refurbished Laptop
  • Enter the Category: Begin typing and select from the dropdown e.g. Hardware
  • SKU: Enter the unique Stock Keeping Unit for the product / expense
  • Amount: enter the charge price of the product / expense e.g. 250.00 
4. Click Add.

The product or expense is added.

Note: You can also create a new product or expense within a ticket by clicking the '+' icon, filling out the 'Add Product Item' form that appears, and clicking Add.




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