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Adding a Product / Expense to a Customer Ticket


This KB will walk you through the process of adding a Sales List item (product or expense), to a customer ticket.

This process should be used when you need to bill the customer for an item sold (e.g. an Office 365 license), or an expense incurred (e.g. Technician Travel) whilst working on the ticket.

To add a product / expense to a ticket follow the steps below:

Add Product / Expense to a Ticket
1. From the ticket, click Actions > Sales

2. From the Sales List click Add Sale


3. Select Product or Expense using the buttons

4. Enter the Product / Expense details:

  • Technician
  • Product / Expense: Select from previously created products / expenses
  • Date of Purchase
  • Price per item
  • Note (Optional)
  • Quantity
  • Discount (Optional)
  • Attachment (Optional)
The Total Price auto calculates.
5. Click Add
The product / expense is added.
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