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Using Patch Management & IT Automation with Mac Agents


Patch Management and IT Automation allows you to create and schedule Daily, Weekly and Monthly periodic maintenance tasks.

Each Patch Management & IT Automation profile is made up of one or more Tasks.

Maintenance Tasks can be scheduled for Servers and Workstations. An example of a task is Install Java Update. 

Due to the differences in Windows and Mac architecture, some tasks cannot be automated on Mac devices.


IT Automation Profiles for Mac Agents

You can toggle easily and quickly between IT Automation Profile tasks that can be automated on a Mac Agent, and those that can't, e.g. Install Microsoft Office Updates.

1. Navigate to Admin > Monitoring > Patch Mgmt & IT Automation

2. Then click the desired Profile Name

The Profiles page displays.

On the right-hand side of the Tasks you'll notice a set of toggle buttons.

Toggling between these will flip between Tasks for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • All (Default)
3. Click the Mac toggle button
Tasks in the selected profile that CANNOT be automated on a Mac Agent are greyed out.
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