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Release Notes Thru: 5-1-2017

Mac Agent

Products & Expenses





Various bug fixes


  1. SMART errors
  2. Install agent. The error log link is missing.
  3. Restart option is missing in services 
  4. When editing a device Hostname spaces can be used
  5. Agent link spacing bug (from portal setting).
  6. Generate IT Automation feedback report stuck
  7. SNMP import OIDs and overwrite, it does not receive the second condition value. 
  8. Windows XP. Agent, inflatable memory size
  9. The same Agent shows twice in the feedbcak report with different data.



  1. Role to create customers/contacts.
  2. Change enduser email address in agent tray
  3. Missing categories list when editing product.
  4. Remove from contract remote monitoring subject of tickets
  5. Ticket workhour list behave strangely
  6. Block hour / block money invoice line item is not marked as 'Unused' value
  7. Trying to implement a helpdesk system for client and are running into issues with the information that the API is sending over (the information it becomes corrupt)
  8. Failed to change username of technician
  9. Logout from the system when try to add technician over the license.
  10. Manual change user name doesn't work
  11. Contract in active status (new customer) although when creating marked passive
  12. Suddenly the layout form dashboard changing.
  13. When a contract has no end date the rates are not loaded.
  14. Knowledge base article name in user portal name is cut off
  15. Automation rule contains a custom field causing automation rule to run incorrectly
  16. In ticket contact name missing
  17. Created invoice with incorrect parameters (description)
  18. Satisfaction survey. Customer portal Hebrew. Get a report that’s half English half Hebrew.
  19. No SLA appear under ticket
  20. The contract type does not change in accordance, after you change the ticket contact. 
  21. Customer portal address make the url un-accessible
  22. Satisfaction survey doesn’t have our branding
  23. Email summary report shows an incorrect information
  24. Dashboard. Tickets per customer count wrong.
  25. The customer disappeared from the role when attempting to delete a role
  26. Limited to 500 characters in work history


  1. QB online export only shows 'Check if customer exists' error
  2. Export to QB online: category without service error
  3. API. Exception Message "An error occurred while executing the command definition"
  4. Error in API response 
  5. Datashield report sent in wrong time
  6. Backup client sessions are missing.
  7. Online backup extend button not toggling from left to down
  8. Data shield. No indication when pressing ‘Save’ button


  1. Application doesn't work in Internet Explorer 9+ browsers (after login)
  2. Date range looks ban in history page
  3. Error when click Save without changing (setting area)
  4. Spanish translation fix
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