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Install a Mac Agent Using a Script


This article outlines the steps to create an Agent deployment script with username and company selection.

1. Copy and paste the script content below into your script editor

cd /tmp

curl -0 https://packagesstore.blob.core.windows.net/installers/Fabric/Mac/ 

if ! grep -q IntegratorLogin "/Library/Application Support/com.atera.ateraagent/regstore.json"; then

        mkdir -p "/Library/Application Support/com.atera.ateraagent"

        touch /Library/Application\ Support/com.atera.ateraagent/regstore.json

        chmod 777 /Library/Application\ Support/com.atera.ateraagent/regstore.json

        echo "{CompanyId: '79',IntegratorLogin:'name@youdomain.com'}" > /Library/Application\ Support/com.atera.ateraagent/regstore.json


installer -allowUntrusted -verboseR -pkg "/tmp/AteraAgentInstallerBeta.pkg" -target /

2. Change the CompanyId to the target company ID - you can find this in the last part of the URL when viewing the customer in Atera e.g. https://app.atera.com/Admin#/customer/79
3. Change the IntegratorLogin to your Atera username
4. Run chmod + x command to make the script executable
5. Run the Script
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