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Live Manage: Activate Helpdesk Agent

This article explains the process of activating the Atera Helpdesk Agent on your customers' computers. The Helpdesk Agent is an enhanced agent that enables your customers to quickly create tickets with a hotkey shortcut (or with the mouse). The created ticket includes a screen capture. The Helpdesk Agent should be installed on all customer computers.


Activate Helpdesk Agent on a single device


To activate the Helpdesk agent on a single device:

1. From the left hand panel click Devices.


2. Then click on the Device / Agent.

The Agent Page appears.



3. Click Manage > Helpdesk Agent > Activate.


Activate Helpdesk Agent on all Customer Devices


To activate the Helpdesk agent on all your customers' devices:

1. From the left hand panel click Customers.



2. Then click the Customer Name.

The Customer page appears.
3. Click Devices > All (If not displaying by default).


4. Click Actions > Activate Helpdesk Agent.


5. Click the Windows Taskbar.

The Helpdesk Agent icon should now be active.



The customer now has two options to create a ticket.


Create a ticket using hotkeys


1. Press CTRL+F12 on the keyboard.

Note: the contact will be asked to add the Full Name and Email Address the first time they run the Helpdesk Agent.


Create a ticket using the mouse


1. Right click on the Helpdesk Agent.



2. Click on Create New Ticket.


The add Ticket form displays - the user can now enter a new ticket.


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