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Install an Agent on Windows


Note: To install an Agent on a Mac device, click here.

There are several ways to install an Atera agent on a Windows device:

From the + dropdown menu the top of the Atera Portal

Directly from the Customer screen (recommended)

  1. Navigate to Customers > specific customer.
  2. Select Devices > All.
  3. Click Actions > Agent Installer (Customer) > Share.
  4. Send the link to your end user and have him follow the next steps.


1. Click Agent Installer > Download
2. Open and run the Agent Installer package

3. Select the Deployment Method


Note: If you are using the Agent Installation from the drop-down menu without a predefined customer and you do not click on Edit to choose Customer Name, the Agent will be assigned to an undefined Customer. This applies to both Single Agent Installation and Multiple Agents Installation. 

5. Click Install
The Installing Agent... progress bar displays.
After the installation completes the Analyzing Agent Installation Status information displays.

Agent Installation Status provides a step by step view of the install and alerts you to any issues the installer encountered.

  • Connectivity Tests
  • Download from Repository Test
  • Identity Validation Tests
  • General System Checks

If an installation failed, the step will be identified with an exclamation mark (!) and a button will be available on the right hand side to help resolve the issue.

Note: When installed, an agent leaves an identity in the registry. In the scenario where an Atera agent has been installed previously you will need to click Fix Identity to resolve this issue automatically.  

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