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Live Manage: Install Webroot in Atera

In order to install Webroot, you must open an account with Webroot first and activate it, click here for more information.


There are two ways you can choose to install the Webroot client:

  • Install to a single Atera Agent
  • Install to multiple Agents via the Atera customer page

Installing Webroot on a Single Agent:

1. Go to the Atera Agent page, click Manage > Webroot > Install

(i) Optional actions:

  • Update
  • Scan
  • Uninstall

Installing Webroot on Multiple Customer Agents:

1. Go to the Customer page, click Devices > Actions > Install Webroot

2. Enter the Webroot key.

3. Select Agents from the Available list using the checkboxes (or Select All)

4. Click Install

Webroot will be installed on the selected Agents. For any further information or for troubleshooting the Webroot platform please contact Webroot support



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