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Installation Errors

When installing an Atera Agent and encountering an Identity Issue, follow the instructions below  to resolve the issue.


Identity Issue 


The Installation Wizard displays any installation errors encountered.

If you have not already done so click Open Logs to view the error log in a new browser window. Identify which issue was encountered on the error log and view the solution below.


To see a full diagnostic log and recommendations you can click the Open Logs hyperlink.

A new browser tab displays with log information on possible issues:

Access to Atera Reporting:

Failed to get the expected result from Atera's store. This might be due to firewall/proxy settings on your machine"

Diagnostics from Atera's Backend: 

Failed to get the expected result from Atera's backend. This might be due to firewall/proxy settings on your machine.

Identity Issue found: Agent Installed Twice on Same Machine:

Current Atera Agent Name is: {resultObject.AgentNameInDB}. New Agent Name in machine selected for install is: {Environment.MachineName}", to resolve click Close and abort installation.

Identity Issue found: Cloned Machine:

This Agent has existed in your account since {creationTime.ToLocalTime()}, this could be a cloned machine". To resolve click Fix Identity.

Identity Issue found: Agent Exists in Another Account: 

You may have previously registered an Atera account with another email address", to resolve click Fix Identity.

PubSub Connectivity Issues:

Please make sure you have a valid connection to <a href=\"https://pubsub.atera.com\">[https://pubsub.atera.com%3c/a]https://pubsub.atera.com</a>. Connection failure may be due to firewall/proxy settings on your machine.

Access to Package Store - Failed to download packages from Atera's package store:

This might be due to firewall/proxy settings on your machine.


Duplicate Agent Scenarios and Fixes (Refer to Error Log)


There are three possible causes of a Duplicate Agent Error:


Agent Installed Twice on Same Machine

Issue: The Agent is already installed on the same machine.

Solution: Click Close and abort the installation. If you click Fix Identity and proceed with the installation you will see the new Agent in the Atera dashboard in online mode, the previous Agent will also be shown in offline mode.


Agent Exists in Another Account

Issue: The Agent was previously installed on the same machine, probably from an Atera trial account registered with a different email address.

Solution: Click Fix Identity


Cloned Machine

Issue: The Agent is already installed on a clone of the selected machine.

Solution: Click Fix Identity


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