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Remote Connect with your Mobile Phone


You can use Splashtop RMM to remotely connect to a device using the mobile version of Atera's WebApp on your mobile phone or tablet.


  • You must be signed into the Atera Webapp from your smartphone or Tablet.
  • The Splashtop RMM Client must be installed on the phone initiating the remote connection.
To initiate a remote connection from your phone follow the steps below:
1. From the left-hand panel tap Devices
2. Tap the device (Agent) name that you want to connect to
3. Tap Connect
The Connect to a device popup displays.
You must have the Splashtop RMM client installed on the phone you are using to initiate the connection. If not installed, continue with step number 4 below.

4. To install the RMM client tap on the link for Apple Store or Google Play store.

In this example we are using Splashtop on an Android device, so we will tap the Google Play link.

The Google Play store opens and Splashtop for RMM is automatically queued for installation.
5. Tap Accept
The Splashtop RMM Client will be installed on your phone. If you receive an Open prompt on your device and tap it you will receive the warning below.
6. Tap OK, and return to the mobile browser you are using to run Atera
7. Tap Connect

Splashtop initiates the remote connection.

The first time you use Splashtop on a mobile device you will see a Hints overlay showing information on gestures that can be used inside the remote connection. 

8. Tap Continue
The connection is established and the remote desktop of the connected device displays.
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