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System, Agent and Report White Labeling and Branding


Branding is essential for all Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The look and feel of your customer facing dashboards, agents, portals and reports should strengthen your brand presence conveying your brand values. Customers are more likely to trust products and services of companies that have a strong brand presence.

Atera provides its Customers  with tools to maximize their brand identity. The main elements of branding are covered under options; Header Color, Account Logo, HelpDesk and Reports Branding.  


Here is how to use this feature

To get started, go to Atera’s Admin console, in the Customer Facing panel click on the Whitelabel icon.



Customize branding elements



Atera’s Header Color tool is designed to make it as simple as possible to update your dashboard color scheme with just a few clicks. You can use it to choose a color palette, view color suggestions and refine with the color picker.  


Click on the currently selected color to open the color picker.  Use the slider on the right to select a hue, click on the color field to pick a shade. When a color is active, you can see its Hexadecimal color code, see example: #108121 above the color picker. To insert your own color code, type into the field and press the Save tab. To reset to system default, click on the Clear.


To make sure you have selected the right color, Atera displays the Application Preview of the Header and Agent Installation Wizard. Users can now simultaneously check if the right color has been selected and avoid alternating between windows.


Account Logo


You can upload your company logo to display on your Atera system and the background of the Atera Agent installer.  

To get started, go to the Account Logo panel and click on the Upload tab to display your company logo. In case you need to delete or update the logo click on the Clear tab.



 NOTE: The Logo you upload should be a PNG, JPG OR GIF file of 200x100 Pixels.



To see how the logo appears on your system, Atera displays a preview under Application Preview and Agent Installation Preview.




HelpDesk Agent Tray Logo


Atera’s customers can now customize the Agent logo icon in the application tray that is displayed on the customers’ systems. The Icon can be configured in the HelpDesk Agent Tray Logo panel. To upload an icon click on the Upload tab. NOTE: Icon image must be in ICO format of 16x16 Pixels.


Once your icon is uploaded on the system, customers will see your logo icon in their application tray panel.  By simply clicking on this icon customers can directly open tickets. To see how the icon appears on customers’ systems you can see the preview displayed under Tray Icon Preview.



Reports Branding


Customers can also display their logo on exported PDF files and reports. You can upload your company logo in Reports Branding section. Click on Upload to customize your logo and check Application Preview to see how your logo appears on the report page. All reports files and reports exported henceforth will display the MSP’s company logo.

NOTE: Logo image should only be a white-on-transparent background of 200x100 Pixels.



Using these elements Atera gives its customers an advantage of establishing their company brands across their customer interface. It is a great way to gain customer confidence and trust.  



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