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Install an Agent using MSI

Atera Agents can also be installed using an MSI package installer via the Command Line Prompt.

  1. From the drop-down list at the top of the screen, select Agent Installer > MSI. The MSI file will download to your computer.
  2. Search for the Command Prompt. Right-click and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Enter the following command.

An example of the Agent Installer command for a specific customer will look like this:

msiexec /I [File_Path] /qn INTEGRATORLOGIN="" COMPANYID=""

i.e: msiexec /I c:\Setup.msi /qn INTEGRATORLOGIN=xxx@yyy.zzz COMPANYID=6

The company ID is the digit in the URL address of the specific Customer within the Atera Portal as highlighted in the screenshot below.




An agent installer command without defining a specific customer will look like this:

msiexec /I Setup.msi /qn INTEGRATORLOGIN=xxx@yyy.zzz

Note that if you do not define a customer name, then the customer will appear under the category Customers > Undefined. 

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