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Install an Atera Agent Via Command Prompt

The Atera agent is the backbone of the Atera monitoring system and needs to be installed on all computers and servers you wish to monitor.  The agent can easily be downloaded from the platform and installed via the installation wizard. Alternatively, it can be installed via the Command Prompt. You can specify a customer (for automatic agent assignment to the customer), or leave unassigned.


To download an agent, and install via Command Prompt:


1. Click the Install agent button at the top right of the screen.





The Install agent screen appears.




2. Complete the 3-step installation process:


a) Select either Windows or Mac OS, then click Next.





b) If you selected Windows OS in the previous step, you can download either an 'Unassigned' agent, or one specific to the customer (which auto assigns devices to the customer). For Mac OS, only a generic, 'Unassigned' agent is available (you'll need to assign devices manually, at a later time). After making your selection, click Next.




 c) Click the Download and Install button. The agent is downloaded to the computer. 





3. Open the Command Prompt. Right-click and select Run as Administrator.




5. To install the agent, enter command:

msiexec /i c:\Setup.msi /qn



If you downloaded a customer-specific agent installer, the agent will automatically be assigned to the customer. Otherwise, the agent will appear within the Devices view as 'Unassigned', where you can manually assign it to the customer.



Note: On Mac OS, access the Terminal app (Applications > Utilities folder > Terminal) 

Enter command: 

sudo installer -pkg AteraAgentInstaller.pkg -target /

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