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How to Use Mail Trace

The Mail Trace menu enables the system integrator to trace emails which have been processed by  MailShield. This allows the system integrator to locate emails which may have been quarantined by  MailShield for viruses, spam, or content. If an email is not delivered, the System Integrator can access the Mail Trace menu and locate the email.

To access the Mail Trace menu:

1. Access the MailShield System Integrator account from the AlphaControl. The Domains Menu is displayed.

Mail Security

2. In the Menu bar, click the Mail Trace tab. The Mail Trace Menu is displayed.

Mail Security MailTrace


Tracing an Email

 To trace an email processed by the MailShield:

 1. In the Mail Trace menu, select the search method from the Search by dropdown list. Select from the following options:

  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Sender/Recipient
  • Quarantine ID

The option selected displays a field where the required information can be entered. For example, if the Sender option is selected, the Sender field is displayed. 

 2. Enter the required information in the selected option’s field.

3. Click Search. The results of the search are displayed.


MailTrace results


The results display the date of the emails, the sending server, the sender and recipient email addresses, and error codes if any. The error codes provide information on why an email was not delivered.

To see the list of most common errors click here.


Reviewing an Email Report

 Each email processed by the MailShield can be reviewed for further information. The information displayed describes if the email that was processed was clean or if it was quarantined and if so, it provides a reason which the system integrator can use to relay to the customer. 

 To review an email report:

 In the Mail Trace search results page, select the Arrow icon for the required email. For clean emails, the following page is displayed.

 Return Code



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