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How to Release an Email From Quarantine

The Quarantine menu enables administrators to review, release, and configure settings for quarantined emails.

Once the MailShield identifies an email as a virus, spam, or content restricted email, the emails are quarantined by the MailShield on a remote location.

Virus emails are held for 14 days and then removed, spam and content filter emails are held for 30 days.

Quarantined emails can be released to the inbox by the administrator manually.

This section describes the administrator's Quarantine menu and the functionalities within it.


To access the Quarantine menu:

In the Online Security section, click on the relevant domain.

Look for the specific user in the list:

cloud it management services


In the following window, click on Spam quarantine.

cloud it management services


From here you choose to release single email or several at once.

cloud it management services

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