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Archiving Technology

Archiving, is based on archiving points; time points that protect correspondent backup data from cleaning. Archiving points can be created manually or automatically by schedule (e.g. once a month, once a year etc.).

An archiving point is kept forever.It will never be overwritten by other archiving points. The functionality of archive's removal is planned to be released in the near future, however no exact date has been set yet. 

An archiving point has a timestamp, a name and a plugin, which it is applied to. In order to activate archiving, please click "Add" and a new task will appear: 


The name of the archiving task appears automatically and can be simply modified.

select the necessary plugin(s) for archiving. Please make sure that the schedule is set for selected plugin(s), otherwise archiving settings can become inconsistent:

  • set a necessary month(s)- or tick "All months":
  • select "Weekdays":

Please, note, theoretically archiving points can be set at any time, but practically they are in close connection with backup sessions. Because of that it makes sense to consider archiving point’s management in terms of your backup sessions.

 in case an archiving task is not actual anymore you can delete it by pressing the "Remove" button:


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