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Email Setup

Email is one way that end-users can submit tickets to your Atera acount and have conversations with technicians to resolve their issues.

Your default support address can be found in the Auto-generated Email XXXX@ticketing.atera.com. You can also use other support addresses.

Defining your Email address:

During this step you will select the email address to which all incoming messages will be sent and converted into tickets.

  • Add your support email, for example aterademo@atera.com.
  • Add "Reply From Name".

In addition you can configure the following:

  1. Automatically create new contact on incoming Email.
  2. Send Ticket Reply to contacts by email.
  3. Use technician name in email replies.


SMTP Settings

When you reply to a ticket, the default email sender is "helpdesk@atera.com". ( The reply from will be what you previously added in the "Reply From Name" )

You can send replies to your customer from your own email address, you can accomplish it with SMTP Settings:

First, create a new contact using a Microsoft Exchange account (Office 365, Outlook, etc.) or a Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps, etc.) account. This will auto-generate a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address which you will enter into the first field.

  1. Enter your STMP Server address, SMTP port, Username and Password, and SSL into the fields provided.
  2. Go to your email account and select “Group,” under “support” select “group delegation.” Add your username under “Send As.”
  3. Click save.

You are ready to go!





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