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Release Notes Thru: 09-14-2015

Atera Software General


  • Unification of Alerts (RMM), Tickets, Analytics and Billing.
  • Direct Relations between Agent, Customer, Alert and Ticket
  • You can directly assign a monitoring Alert to a ticket that then will be handled, tracked and billed.
  • Agent reporting enhanced security from 128Bit encrypted data over HTTP to SSL communication
  • New Audit mechanism; every field and action is logged with the specific technician that made the change
  • New unified permissions system with specific customer/s support access, RMM, HelpDesk and Online backup permissions.
  • Unified Reporting area (both PSA & RMM reports)
  • Redesign of all RMM reports
  • New Customer Monthly Health and activity report
  • Mobile: Fully responsive system (All devices and form factors).

Fixes and Updates

  • Bug fixes



Remote Monitoring and Management


  • New Alerts Notification including a Counter at the top navigation bar viewable in any page.
  • New Tab for the specific management and handling of technical Alerts
    • Filtering/Sorting alerts by: Device types, Customer, Customer Rank, Alert Status, Severity
    • Assign Alert to a new Ticket/Navigate from Alert to existing Ticket
    • Multiple Actions on Alerts: Mass Resolve , Snooze, Delete
  • New Tab for the specific management and handling of Devices, gives you a full view of all devices under your management.
    • You can connect directly to each device and perform quick management actions on Workstations and Servers.
    • You can run Multiple Actions on devices (cross company actions): Mass Delete, Threshold and Automation settings.
  • New Agent view
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Performance statistics graph
    • Alerts categorized by type (Hardware, Performance, Disk, Availability, Exchange, Other)
    • More specified Software & Hardware information in Agent page
    • Office/Windows keys in Agent Dashboard
    • More specified disk space (general + per partition)
    • More visible Active Threshold & Active IT Automations
    • Improved response from Active Agent
    • List of monitored devices by the Agent and their status
    • Favorites support for devices, favorites will get promoted to the top of the devices list and will appear in favorite’s box in the dashboard.
  • Agent Management new features:
    • CPU % for tasks added to Task manager
    • Search option added to Program list
    • Advanced filtering added to Agent patches list
  • Internal Monitoring agent is now open to all device types
  • Improved Patch management
    • Patch Excluding support added (Both profile & Global list)
    • Reboot after patches installation (if needed)
  • IT Automation new features:
    • Monthly scheduler support added (option to add specific day/s of the month)
    • Scripts support added
    • Disable Automation option added
    • Enhanced search (in-page) for all Profiles
  • Scripts Store added , user can add scripts/executables and run manually on Agent/Company or in automation
  • Threshold new features:
    • Disable profile option added
    • Search profile support in the profiles list




Remote Access and Support


  • Super-fast connection to Workstations and Servers
    • Initial connect and ongoing work speed is fast and fluid.
  • Connect to Workstations share screen with users using RDP protocol
  • Connect to server using RDP
  • Remote Connection additional parameters support:
    • Multi-monitor
    • Console connection /Admin
    • File Transfer (Large files) from Technician station to remote Workstation/Server.
    • Clipboard support
    • P2P Support for a direct connection between you and your customers (with port forwarding)

Helpdesk and Ticketing (PSA)


  • Multiple Actions in Tickets List:
    • Mass Delete, Change Status, Change Priority, Change assigned Agent
  • New Ticket Source: Alert (also available in Tickets list filters)
  • Ticket reopening on customer replay
  • New option to prevent reopening of a closed ticket
  • New option to disable time tracking on a closed ticket


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