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How to Monitor Websites for Availability and Quality (via HTTP)

To monitor websites for availability and quality, follow the steps given below.

1.  At the top right-hand corner of the page go to the Add () > New HTTP.

The Add Device page will be displayed.

2.  Select the company you want the device to be assigned to, from the Assign to Customer drop down list.

3.  Select the name of the Folder you want to append the device to from the Append To Folder drop down list.

4.  Select the name of the monitoring agent from the Monitoring Agent drop down list.

5.  The status of the monitoring agent will be populated.

6.  Enter the name of the device in the Name text entry box.

7.  Enter the description of the device in the Description text entry box.

8.  Enter the specific URL of the web page which should be monitored in the URL text entry box.

9.  Enter a static keyword-Pattern in the text entry box for example "ALL-IN-ONE"

which should appear always in the source of the page.

Note: Chose a string of text that is both static and indicative of correct operation in the website you are monitoring. If the text is either changed or not available you will be Alerted to a problem in the website even if the web-server itself and Port 80 are working.


10.  Click Save.


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