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Convert Alerts into Helpdesk Tickets

To convert alerts into helpdesk tickets, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to Alerts. 

The list of alerts will be displayed.

2.  Click on Unassigned > Create New Ticket.

A new ticket page will be displayed.

3.  Select or enter the contact in the Select Contact field or click Add New Contact to add a new contact.

Note: Only the contact field is a mandatory field

4.  The Ticket Title will be entered automatically .

5.  Select the name of the technician from the Select Technician drop down list.

6.  Select the priority of the ticket from the Ticket Priority drop down list. The available options are Low, Medium, High and Critical.

7.  Select the impact of the ticket from the Ticket Impact drop down list.

8.  Select the type of the ticket from the Ticket Type drop down list.

9.  Select the name of the branch from the Branch drop down list and also custom field.

10.  Select the name of the product family from the Product Family drop down list.

Scroll down for more options.

11.  The ticket Description will be entered automatically.

12.  In the Attachments section to attach the file, click Choose Files.

The standard Open dialog will be displayed.

13.  Select the file you want attach to the ticket and click Open.

The selected file will be attached to the ticket.

14.  Specify whether you want to register the ticket creation time or not by checking or un-checking the box in the Register Ticket Creation Time field.


15.  Click Save to create the ticket.

The new ticket will be added and displayed in the Tickets section. 


16.  Click on Assign Existing Ticket.

The Select Ticket dialog will be displayed.

17.  Select the required ticket you want to assign from the Search field.

18.  Click Apply.


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