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Manage Customer Branches

 To manage a customer with branches, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to Customers.

2.  Select the required customer.

3.  Navigate to Devices

4.  Navigate to Actions > Add Folder

The Add Folder dialog will be displayed.

5.  Enter the folder name. For example "North". Do the same for the rest of the branches. 

6.  Navigate to Devices > Folders.


The created list of branches will be displayed.  In the example, the branches of the company are East, West, North, and South.

7.  Select the agent device that you want to assign to the branch.

The device page will be displayed.

8.  Navigate to Edit > Edit Customer/Folder.

The Move Device dialog will be displayed.

9.  Select the branch or folder from the Append to Folder drop down list and click Apply.

The agent device will be assigned to the selected branch.


Additional settings are required to complete this step.

Create drop down list with branches in the contact page.

Here we will create a new drop down list with all the branches of the customer.

1.  Navigate to Admin> Custom Fields > Contact.

2.  Click Add Field.

3.  Create a new dropdown list in Contact with all the branches. Select Target as Contact, Type as DropDown and enter Title. Select Options as Required and add values as various branches such as North, South, East and West. Then click Add.

4.  In the Contact page, choose the right branch.

Add an Automation Rule

You can add an automation rule based on end customer email per branch.

1.  Navigate to Admin > Automation Rules.

2.  Click Add New Rule.

3.  Enter the Rule Name, Description and select Event. Click Add.

The rule will be added.

4.  Add condition to the rule. If Contact Name Contains the branch North in its details


Customer Name Equals "[Company name]"

Then set the action type as: Set Field Value as North.

Once these settings are completed, a new ticket will be created and in the contact page the branch tag is added, and the ticket will be registered under the company name > branch.

In addition, you can also modify the ticket to the right branch manually.

5.  Navigate to Tickets.

6.  Select the ticket that you want to modify.

7.  Modify the Branch field to North

Now in the Billing Report generated, you can see that the ticket is generated from the branch, North.

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