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Add Technicians to Atera

You need to create an account for each support technician who will be responding to tickets. Depending on the size of your organization, you might also want to set up an Automation rule that dispatches specific types of tickets to specific technicians.

Note that the number of active (enabled) technicians depends on the number of licenses you purchased.


To add a new technician, follow the steps below:


1.  Navigate to Admin > General > Technicians.

The Technicians page will be displayed.

2.  To add a new technician, click Add Technician.

The Technician page will be displayed.

3.  Enter the email address or username of the technician in the Email Address (Username) text entry box.

4.  Select the role of the technician from the Role drop down list.

Note: Click here to see how to set up a Role.

5.  Enter the first name of the technician in the First Name text entry box.

6.  Enter the last name of the technician in the Last Name text entry box.

7.  Enter the phone number of the technician in the Phone text entry box.

8.  Click Save.

The new technician record will be added.

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