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When installing an Agent for the first time where can I find it?

When deploying new agents to a network, there are two scenarios.  Either the Agent will automatically be allocated to the relevant customer or the allocation will need to be done manually. 

If there is a domain for the network and the domain is added to the Customer Account, all agents installed on this network will automatically be associated with this customer.

Adding the Domain to the Customer Account

1. In the UI, navigate to Customers and either open a new Customer Account or edit an existing one. Add the Local Domain name as depicted below.


After the domain is added to the Customer Account, all agents deployed in this specific domain will automatically be allocated to this Customer Account. 

Note: Adding the Local Domain name must be done before the deployment of the agents.


Manual Agent Allocation

If Agents are installed either on networks without a Domain or the Local Domain name is not added to the Customer Account, those agents will be tagged as Undefined. Undefined Agents must be manually allocated to the correct company.


2.  Click on the Devices Tab and Filter all the Undefined Agents.


3.  Click on the Agent you want to move to a New/Specific company.

The selected agent details will be displayed.

4. Choose Edit > Edit Customer/Folder  and then choose the specific customer or folder.


5. Chose the specific company you want to allocate the Agent to and click Apply.


For more information, refer to the section, Getting to know the Agent Dashboard.

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