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Email Setup

Email is one way that end-users can submit tickets to your Atera account and have conversations with technicians to resolve their issues. Your default support address can be found in the Auto-generated Email XXXX@ticketing.atera.com. You can also use other support addresses.

1.  Navigate to Admin > Customer Facing > Email Settings.

The Email Settings page will be displayed.

Note: You can convert incoming support emails into tickets by forwarding them to the auto-generated address.

2.  The Auto-generated Email field will be automatically populated.

3.  Edit the primary support email address in the Primary Support Email Address text entry box.

4.  Enter the additional support email address to which all incoming messages will be sent and converted into tickets in the Additional Support Email Address text entry box. Click () to add new additional support email address. Note that you can add up to 5 additional unique addresses.

5.  Enter the name in which you want to send reply from, in the Reply From Name text entry box.

6.  Specify whether you wish to auto create new contact on incoming email or not by selecting Yes or No option in the Auto-Create New Contact on Incoming Email field.

7.  Specify whether you wish to send ticket reply to contacts by email or not by selecting Yes or No option in the Send Ticket Reply to Contacts by Email field.

8.  Specify whether you wish to use technician name in email replies or not by selecting Yes or No option in the Use Technician name in Email Replies field. 

Note: Please add the following servers to the allowed list in your server: alerts.atera.com & app.atera.com.

9.  In the SMTP Settings (Optional) section, enter the SMTP server address in the SMTP Server Address text entry box.

10.  Enter the SMTP port number in the SMTP Port text entry box.

11.  Enter the user name in the Username text entry box.

12.  Enter the password in the Password text entry box.

13.  Specify whether you wish to use secured SMTP (SSL/TLS) or not by selecting Yes or No option in the Use Secured SMTP (SSL/TLS) field. 

14.  Click Update

The email setup will be configured.

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