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Enable Patch Management with IT Automation Profile

In order to install patches on agents (Servers and  Workstations) you need to create an IT Automation profile and associate it with a Company or to a specific Agent.

1.  Navigate to Admin > Patch Mgmt. & IT Automation.

At the right hand of the page click the Add Profile button.


The Add Profile dialog will be displayed:


2.  Enter a new profile name in the text entry box.

3.  Click Apply.

The new profile will be added.

In the profile you need to define on which days to run this profile, it can run on a Daily Basis, Weekly or Monthly.

The next step is to decide which patches you would like to run, for example: Only Critical patches, Service pack patches, Java and adobe.

4.  In addition, at the end of the patch installation process, you can apply the Reboot If Needed option.


5.  We also have an option to Exclude Patches. It can be used for excluding problematic patches after running these patches on a demo or test environment for several days.

For more information, refer to the section, How Can I Exclude Patches From The Automation Profile


6.  Once the Patch Management profile is ready, you can assign it to an individual agent or to all agents under the same group (A group can be a Company, a folder, a branch etc.).

There are two ways to assign the profile to a specific agent or to a Company:

A. From the Agent page, on the right hand in the Profiles section.

B. From the Devices page, select specific agents and click on the IT-Automation icon.

From the agent page:

7.  To assign the profile to a specific agent go to the agent interface, under Profiles > IT Automation profiles > Click Manage.

The Select IT Automation Profile dialog will be displayed.

8.  Select the profile from the Attach new Profile drop down list.

9.  Click Apply.


From the Devices page:

10.  To assign a profile to several agents you need to navigate to Devices, Select specific agents > It-Automation Profile icon.

11.  Select the profile that we created earlier from the drop down list.

12.  Click Apply.

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