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Create a New Contact

Contacts are your customers that request support. They can interact with your Atera using Email, Our Customer portal or generating a ticket by pressing CTRL F12 from their workstation. 

There are two ways to generate a contact:

  1. Manually creating a new contact.
  2. Automatically, by capturing new emails/tickets sent to your help desk. 

Creating new contacts manually.

You might do this, for example, if you're on the telephone with a customer who has never before requested support and therefore does not yet have an account. By adding them to your Atera, you can open a ticket for the customer, and they will receive email notifications whenever the ticket is updated and be able to communicate via email with the technician assigned to the ticket.

In addition, You can enable "Auto-Create New Contact on Incoming Email" in Admin > Email Settings so that they can submit a support requests via Email.

In order to create new contact manually, follow the step below.

1.  Navigate to Add () > New Contact.

The Add Contact page will be displayed.

2.  Select or enter the customer name in the Select Customer field.

3.  Enter the first name of the contact in the First Name text entry box.

4.  Enter the last name of the contact in the Last Name text entry box.

5.  Enter the email address of the contact in the Email text entry box and this is the mandatory field.

6.  Enter the phone number of the contact in the Phone text entry box.

7.  Enter the title of the job in the Job Title text entry box.

8.  Select the name of the RMM agent from the RMM Agent drop down list.

9.  Specify whether or not you want to set this person’s details as contact person details by checking or un-checking the box in the Contact Person field.

Note: This will make them the sole person allowed to open ticket for the company and provide them with a company wide view of all open tickets.

10.  Specify whether or not you want to ignore this user’s email by checking or un-checking the box in the Ignore this user's emails By checking this field, a ticket will not be automatically created by email listener.

11.  Click Save.

The new contact will be added.

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