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Custom Fields

Most of the fields in the system can be customized. You can create new fields, modify them based on your needs. So you can customize entities, add fields, change views, etc. To do so, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to Admin > ServiceDesk Management > Custom Fields.

The Dynamic Fields page will be displayed.

2.  To add a new field, navigate to the required tab for which you want to add the field. In the example here, Ticket tab is selected.

3.  Click Add Field.

The Add Field dialog will be displayed.

4.  Select the name of the target from the Target drop down list. By default, this is selected based on the tab initially you selected to create this field.

5.  Select the type of the field from the Type drop down list.

6.  Enter the title of the field in the Title text entry box.

7.  In the Options section, mark this field as required for adding or editing additional items.

8.  Mark this field invisible in the customer portal by making it private.

9.  Click Add.

The new custom field will be added.

10.  You can also change the order of the custom field by dragging and dropping the field to the required location.

11.  To edit the custom field, click Edit () in that row.

The selected custom field will be displayed in edit mode.

  1. Make the necessary changes and click Apply.

The selected custom field will be updated.

  1. To delete the custom field, click Delete ().

The message box asking you to confirm the deletion of the selected field will be displayed.

  1. Click Yes.

The selected custom field will be deleted.

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