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Troubleshooting the Atera Agent

If after following the instructions for agent installation , you are experiencing any problems with agent stability, alert consistency, agent unavailability or remote connection instability, please verify that you are on .NET Framework 4.5

Additionally, please check the following:


Allow outbound traffic over port 443 (TCP) in the Anti-Virus, Firewall and Proxy server.


List of servers that the agent is communicating with:

  1. pubsub.atera.com
  2. pubsub.pubnub.com
  3. agentreporting.atera.com
  4. getalphacontrol.com
  5. app.atera.com
  6. packagesstore.blob.core.windows.net
  7. ps.pndsn.com
  8. agent-api.atera.com
  9. cacerts.thawte.com

Potential software / devices for blockage:

  • Anti-Virus - Add Atera's application into the Antivirus whitelist. C:\Program Files\Atera Networks
  • Firewall - In some networks https traffic is blocked. Make sure to add a rule to allow https traffic from LAN to WAN (Atera address: agentreporting.atera.com).
  • Proxy - Proxy / Web-filtering is very common and can also be an obstacle to stable agent behavior. Make sure to permit outbound traffic (443) and file extensions; ZIP & EXE from our website (Atera address: agentreporting.atera.com).
  • Geo-blocking - As an example, SonicWall routers are well known for their Geo Blocking features.
  • Permit content traffic in addition to TCP (443 ) traffic
  • No certificates / Missing certificates on the below registry path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\AuthRoot\Certificates


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