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Mobile Management

Access your customers and their tickets from anywhere by using your smartphone. You can use permission roles to allow/block your technicians from using the mobile access. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to allow the mobile access.

1.  Navigate to Admin > General > Mobile Access.

The Mobile Access page will be displayed.

2.  Set your mobile phone to scan the QR code.

3.  Then login to http://app.atera.com in your mobile device, using your username and password it will open your account Dashboard.

4.  Select Tickets View from the options menu.

All of your available tickets will be displayed.

5.  Select the ticket that you want to work with from the list of open tickets.

6.  Click on Ticket Properties to access the various commands for this ticket. Here you can reply to the customer, assign a new technician, or have the customer sign for the order (on touch screen devices only).



7.  At the end of the case, you can ask from your customer to sign as an approval.

The signature is documented in the ticket history.

8.  By signing on this field the customer agrees to the ticket handling content and click Save.

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