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How to configure the Technician role

Atera allows the definition of a large number of permissions as well as specific customer access in the Roles definition area. Technician roles are key to managing the people who work with the software, and handle the tickets themselves.

Each technician’s roles are defined when you add them to your Atera software, although you may change a user's roles as needed. In addition, when users sign in, they are only shown the parts of Atera that they are allowed to see and use.

Note: The default Roles allocated to a new user is the Technician Roles Profile.

In order to setup technician roles, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Admin > General > Roles.

2. To add a new Role Profile enter the Role Profile name and click Add.

3. After clicking Add you will see the full list of editable Permissions.

4. Define which type of permissions to enable in the specific profile by clicking on either the "Denied" or "Enabled" button.



5. The next step is to chose the list of customer's this profile will have access to. 

  • Click on the Add Customer button.
  • A dialogue box with the list of customers will appear.
  • Chose the required customers and press Close > Apply.



6. The details of the Role Profile will be displayed. Click Save to finalize the Role configuration. 





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