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Create a Customer

After registering your Atera account the most important step is to create a Customer.

A Customer in the Atera system is the base entity and all other functionality relies on the correct initial creation of customers. Once you create your customer’s you can add contacts and devices to the Customer and begin monitoring in Atera.


Upon creating your Atera account you will directed to the Getting Started page.

To create a Customer follow the steps below.

1. From the left hand panel Click Customers 
2. The Customers screen displays. If you have not setup your first customer yet you will see ‘Undefined 
3. Click the + sign in the top right of the screen to enable the dropdown menu. 
4. Then select New Customer
5. The Add Customer form displays. Follow the three steps in the box on the left to add a customer.
Note: Mandatory fields are marked with a red *

6. Enter the:

  • Customer Name (your company name)
  • Domain Note: By adding the Local Domain Name all agents installed in this network will automatically be associated with the relevant customer. If you do not create a Company or the network does not have a Domain; Agents will automatically be assigned under "Undefined Customers".
  • Rank
  • Threshold Profile
  • Customer details

Click Next

7. Add a Contract for the Customer. Enter the contract details then click Next
Note: SLA (Service Level Agreement) determines initial response time and expected close time for a ticket.
8. Select SLA. The default is None

9. Select the Default SLA and click Finish

Note: A new SLA profile can be assigned later if required.

You have now finished the create customer procedure. The newly created Customer is displayed on the Customers form.

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