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Customize Email Templates

Atera allows you to create email templates specific to your business. Example templates that are commonly used by customers include:

  • new ticket created (this is a predefined template)
  • ticket closed
  • ticket status changed

You can also customize and add Snippets to these email templates. For instance the 'Ticket' Number' Snippet calls the dynamic field to include the Ticket Number at that spot in the email. 


1. From the left hand panel click Admin
2. Then click Email Templates
The Email Templates page displays
To add a new Email Template enter the Template Name & Description e.g. New Customer Ticket
3. Click Add
The newly created template displays and is now available in the drop down list.
4. Enter the Email Subject and Email Body into the template
Note: You can click on a Snippet to automatically add that dynamic field information to the email
 You can add Snippets to both the subject and the body of the email
5. When done click Save Changes
A 'Changes successfully applied' message box displays confirming your setup has been saved.
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