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Turn Alerts into Tickets

To convert alerts into Helpdesk tickets, you can either create a new ticket or assign an alert to an existing ticket. 

1. From the left hand panel click Alerts
The Alerts page displays with a list of Alerts.
2. On the required Alert click the Arrow next to the ticket status
3. Then click Create New Ticket
The Add Ticket page displays.

4. Enter the ticket creation details using the dropdown menus:

  • 1. Contact
  • 2. Ticket Title - will be entered automatically
  • 3. Technician
  • 4. Ticket Priority - The available options are Low, Medium, High and Critical.
  • 5. Ticket Impact
  • 6. Ticket Type
  • 7. Product Family
5. The Ticket Description is entered automatically. Update if required.
6. Add any supporting Attachments

Note: The Register Ticket Creation Time counter tracks how long the technician took to enter the ticket. To disable tracking, uncheck the box.


7. Click Save
The Tickets page displays.
1. On the required Alert click the Arrow next to the ticket status
2. Then click Assign Existing Ticket
The Select Ticket dialog box displays.
3. Use the search field to find the correct Ticket
4. Click Apply
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