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Assign a Threshold Profile to a Customer or Agent

A 'threshold profile' determines the alerts you receive about your customer’s devices. It can be customized by many parameters (e.g. memory usage, CPU load), as well as by the alert types you receive on each (information, warning, critical). 

A basic default threshold profile (set with Atera presets) is automatically assigned to all newly installed agents. However, you can edit the threshold profile or create a new one.  After creating a new profile, you must assign it to your customer(s) for it to take effect. 

In this article, you'll learn how to assign a threshold profile to a customer, or to an individual agent. You can apply the threshold profile at the 'customer' level or to an individual agent/workstation. Note that agents added with customer details included, automatically receive the default threshold profile of that customer. 


To assign a threshold profile to a customer:


1. From the left hand panel click Customers.



2. Click the relevant Customer.

The Customer page appears.


3. Click Devices.


The Devices page appears.


4. Click Actions > Threshold Profile 

The Select Threshold Profiles screen appears.



5. Select the threshold profile you wish to assign, then click Apply.

All the customer's devices now have the same threshold profile. 


Tip: You can also set the threshold profile for all your customers' devices by selecting all devices, and clicking the threshold profile icon on the Devices page.




Note: You can always see which threshold profile an agent is assigned to under Threshold Profile in the Profiles section (within the agent dashboard).






To assign a threshold profile to an individual agent:


1. Click the agent/device to access the agent dashboard.

2. Click Manage next to Threshold Profile (in the Profiles section).




3. Select the threshold profile from the dropdown menu, and click Apply.




The new threshold profile is now assigned.


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