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Checkpoint Integration

Checkpoint is an industry leading firewall device for SMB's. It offers enhanced security and peace of mind for your customers and now its very easy to monitor Checkpoint devices.

You just need to create an SNMP device – and automatically Checkpoint OID's will notify you if something happens.

To learn how to create an SNMP Device see Adding an SNMP Device.

Default OIDs for Checkpoint Devices:

Live Values

  1. Last Reboot Time
  2. Free Memory
  3. Free Disk Space

Monitored OIDs

  1. Free Memory Lower than 40960 = Warning Alert
  2. Free Memory Lower than 20480 = Critical Alert
  3. Free Disk Space Lower than 20 = Warning Alert
  4. Free Disk Space Lower than 5 = Critical Alert

Filtered Views:

New items in the filtering view:

Device Type = SNMP > SNMP Type = Checkpoint.

Atera now provides the ability to migrate generic SNMP devices to Checkpoint Devices.

This means that the OID is automatically generated and assigned in Atera saving considerable effort versus manual assignment.

To convert a device click Edit Generic Device > Convert to Checkpoint

Note: if you are a past user of Atera and you had a repository of checkpoint. Now you can easily convert old checkpoint devices (that are set as generic) to checkpoint SNMP devices.


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