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GoToAssist Remote Support

GoToAssist is the industry leading expert tool for managing remote connections and control. 

Screen sharing, mobile device support, access to Apple Mac and seamless integration with Atera make it easy and efficient to use; 

There are two ways to initiate GoToAssist remote support:

  1. From the Ticket page – Attended connection.
  2. From the Agent page – Unattended connection
Attended Connection from the Ticket page:
Open up the desired ticket. The Ticket page displays.
1. Click Start GoToAssist Session
You will need to login the first time you use GoToAssist remote support in Atera.

Note: This will be your GoToAssist credentials and not your Atera credentials.

The Citrix GoToAssist login box displays.
2. Enter Username & Password
3. Click Apply
You will be logged-in to GoToAssist within Atera.
4. Click Start GoToAssist Session
The GoToAssist Launch Window displays.
5. Click Launch GoToAssist
The Unattended GoToAssist dialog displays. A session with the unique 9 digit support key will automatically display.
There are number of ways of getting this unique support key to your customers,
  • You can either verbally direct them to fastsupport.com where they will be required to enter the 9-digit support key and the session will start.
  • Email your customer the website details and the 9-digit support key from the Email This Info… button.
  • Click the support URL button, which will provide you the session link and e-mail this to the customer.
Unattended Connection from the Agent Page:
6. From the Agent page, navigate to Connect 
7. Then click GoToAssist Configuration
The GoToAssist Device Settings dialog box displays.
8. Select a computer from the dropdown menu
Note: Until this association is accomplished, the GoToAssist remote Unattended connection will not work.
Click Apply
9. Launch GoToAssist and run the applet
The GoToAssist remote support session will open and connect to the device.
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