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Zapier - Xero

Zapier is a Professional 3rd  party tool for integration between two sites. Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web applications and reduces manual workload.

Zapier integration is a major step forward for Atera. We are now pleased to make this available in the latest release.

Purpose: Integration between Atera and QuickBooks using Zapier.

Scenario: Close / Resolve a ticket in Atera and create new Estimate in QuickBooks.

Scenario Detail:

  • Ticket Duration is 2 Hours, 38 Seconds
  • Price Per Hours is $40


An estimate is when you want to give your customer a quote, bid, or proposal for work you plan to do.

The estimate form looks very much like an invoice; however, its purpose is to help you begin negotiations with your customer.

After you've done the work or performed the service you will be ready to bill your customer.

You can add data from the Estimate to an invoice, removing the need to re-enter the same information.

Scenario Integration Flow:

the following instruction will demonstrate how to populate an Estimate with $80.40.

Create Trigger:

1. Choose action Application Atera
2. Select trigger On Ticket Resolved / Closed
3. Select Atera account
4. Add Atera API Key (This can be found under Admin > API)
5. Test

Get Ticket Work Hours:

1. Choose action Application Atera
2. Under Search Category select Get Ticket Work Hours
3. Select Atera Account
4. Select QuickBooks Account (Connect a new account if needed). Choose
  • Search Field = Use a Custom Value
  • Ticket ID = TicketID from Process Step 1.

Find Contract:

1. Choose action Application Atera
2. Under Search Category select Find Contract
3. Select Atera Account
4. Edit Options. Customer ID = CustomerID from Process Step 1.

Action Numbers:

1. Choose action Application Formatter
2. Select a Formatter – Numbers
Edit Options:
3. Select Transform = Perform Math Operation
4. Select Operation = Multiply

5. Select Input =

  • Billable TotalDurationHours from Ticket Work Hours.

                    X (Multiplied by)

  • PricePerHour from Find Contract.
Note: Test this step before moving on.

Find or Create Customer:

1. Choose action Application QuickBooks Online
2. Under Search Category Select: Find Customer
3. Select QuickBooks Online Account
Edit Options:
4. Search field = Name
5. Search Value = CustomerName from Process Step 1
6. Click " Create QuickBooks Online Customer if it doesn't exist yet?"

7. Setup up QuickBooks Online Customer:

  • Full Name = CustomerName from Process Step 1
  • First name - Optional
  • Last Name – Optional

Create Estimate:

1. Choose action Application QuickBooks Online
2. Under Search Category Select: Create Estimate
3. Select QuickBooks Online Account
Edit Options:
4. Customer = Use a Custom Value.
5. Custom value for customer ID = ID from Find/Create Customer
Line Items:
6. Line Amount = Output from Process Step 4
7. Line Description = Free Text + Snippets

Example: Ticket Number #TicketID (from Step 1), Ticket Title; TicketTitle (From Process Step 1)

8. Line Item/Product = Sales

9. Line Item Quantity = Billable TotalDurationHours (From Process Step 2)

 Example output after closing ticket in Atera:
  1. Customer Name from Process Step 1.
  2. Item/Product from Process Step 6.
  3. Ticket Description from Process Step 6.
  4. QTY = Ticket Total Duration.
  5. Amount = Billable TotalDurationHours from Process Step 2. X  PricePerHour from Process Step 3. = Y
** Price Per hour based on the Atera's Customers Contract – Expected Price Per Hour

** 1 unit is an equivalent of 1 hour

Example Work List & Contract:


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