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Enhanced Security (Two Factor Authentication and User Access List)

Atera offers the following enhanced security measures:

  • Secure Token login (Two Factor Authentication)
  • User Access List Protection


To enable these features:

1. From the left hand panel click Admin
2. Then click Security
The Security page displays.

Click the Token checkbox to enable token based authentication e.g. receive token by email.

Note: After the Token is enabled, each time a user logs in, a secure token code will be sent to their registered email address. This code must be entered at the prompt to authenticate the login instance. Once the user logs out a new code will be generated upon the next login attempt.

Access List:
Click the Access List checkbox to enable access list protected login - the default IP address is displayed below this. To add further IP addresses to the allowed list:
3. Enter new IP Address
4. Click the + sign
The IP Address is added.
5. To remove an added IP address click the - button
6. To save changes click Save
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