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Introduction to Entities

The Atera system refers to various objects as ‘Entities’.

You can think of an entity as anything in the Atera system that holds data about specific things e.g. a ‘Ticket’ is an entity.




 Entity Description


A customer record in Atera. The record holds a list of:

  • contacts,
  • devices,
  • contracts,
  • last tickets,
  • passwords,
  • attachments. 


A contact record in Atera attached to a customer. The  record holds contact details about the end customer:

  • full name,
  • email,
  • portal login details,
  • passwords and associated agent.


A device monitored by the Atera system.

Device Types

Agents (Workstation / Server)




TCP Device

Examples Devices





When a Device monitored by the system reaches a threshold  a notification from an Atera agent (service) that is installed on the Microsoft operating system is generated.

There are two sources of notifications:

  1. An Alert notification registered based on default or user configured threshold monitoring items such as CPU, Memory or Hard disk
  2. An Alert notification registered from additional Device types or from a non Agent service.


An Atera helpdesk ticket that can be:

  • Created manually by a technician,
  • Created by and end user with the hot key combination of CTRL+F12,
  • Created by an end user who sends an email to support,
  • Created by an Alert,
  • Created on the customer portal.


Are people who are working in the Atera system.

Each technician has their own set of roles that determines  what system access they have.


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