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Create New Contract - Remote Monitoring

This article explains how to create a Remote Monitoring contract. This contract type charges based on the number of monitored customer devices.

Note: Atera differentiates between servers and PCs, enabling you to charge a higher rate for servers, if applicable.


To create a Remote Monitoring contract:


1. From the left hand panel, click Customers.




2. Click the specific customer. The Customer page appears.




3. From the Contracts tab, click Create Contract. The Add Contract Page appears.



4. Enter the contract header details:

  • Select Customer (only if change from previously selected customer required)
  • Enter Contract Name
  • Select Start Date
  • Select End Date
    • Note: Atera will automatically calculate todays date + 3 years ahead.
  • Check Active (This must be selected to enable the contract).
  • You can check Default (Select to make this the default contract type for the customer).
  • You can set this contract as Taxable (Select to automatically add tax to the contract).


5. Select the Contract Type: Remote Monitoring.




6. Select the Count By:

  • PC Agents
  • Mac Agents
  • Server Agents
  • Other Devices
  • Agents Only (PCs and Servers)
  • All

Note: Each contract is for only one categories (PC, server, router etc.). This means a separate contract must be created for each.

    • PCs
    • Servers
    • Other Devices (Routers or a Switch etc)

For example, if you wish to charge $40/month for every server, $9/month per PC and $5/month per router you must create 3 separate contracts, one for each.


Note: If you haven't yet set up your rate type, you can do this by clicking Add Rate.



7. Select the Billing Period.


8. Select your Billing Preferences



  • The first option bills an added device, for the following period. It is not billed for the current period at all.
  • The latter two options are intended for up-front billing only. Selecting one of these options with retroactive billing may cause issues such as added devices being billed twice.


9. Select the Rate per Device.

Note: The rate per device changes in accordance with the number of devices monitored.


10. Select the SLA Plan.


11. Click Save. The contract is created.


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