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Examples of Multiple contracts / rates

This article provides two examples of how to handle multiples contracts per customer and multiple rates per contract.

Example 1:

If you have a ticket to handle for your customer, during working time you will attach the ticket to Contract 1 (Standard Flat rate).

If the customer call is logged and work is done outside of the Retainer hours, you will change the ticket to Contract 2 (Off SLA bundle prices)

Contract 1 – [Name] Standard Flat rate

Contract 2 – [Name] Off SLA bundle prices

On each Ticket you can only bill on one Contract at a time.

Note: for contract #2 – The purpose of this contract is to handle different hourly pricing for Off SLA time.

Example 2:

You may have a customer with only one contract 'Hourly'. Within this contract there are 4 optional rates.

The primary rate (which is the default) is Rate Standard.

  • Standard
  • Off SLA (After 5PM)
  • Weekend
  • Holiday

Note: When a new ticket is created we store the time since the ticket was created and attach it to the default rate.

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