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Batch Billing & Benchmark

This article covers the Billing Batch module indepth.

The Billing dashboard now includes:

  • The Benchmark 
  • Latest Billing Batches
  • Latest Invoices

What is a 'Batch'?

A batch is a group of financial units (in this case Invoices) that are actioned at the same time rather than immediately. 

Batch Billing

The Atera billing system allows you to bill some or all of your customers at the same time, and select or remove items from specific contracts and periods, saving hours of your time.

Detailed Invoices

See all of your Service Items, Tickets, Time Entries, and Expenses on the invoice. Then export them directly to your favorite accounting software.

Integrates with your Accounting Software

Export individual invoices or entire batches, directly to your accounting software with a single click.

Atera now integrates directly with:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Xero CSV
  • CSV

Note: Tickets are already listed in each batch. This means after you choose them and click on "Save As" they are changed to a 'Billed' status. Once in a 'Billed' status, tickets cannot be re-billed and are not available to edit i.e. the status of the ticket cannot be changed from closed to open.

The Benchmark

Inside the billing system is a Business Intelligence mechanism that takes your hourly rate contracts and compares them to the industry standard.

Let's take a look at the Billing Screen
From the left hand panel click Billing

The Billing Page displays

Billing Page Explained:
1. The Benchmark
  • Compare hourly rate - As contracts are closed see the effective hourly rate and compare it to the industry median
  • Compare actual invoices and bills to actual industry invoices and bills
  • Data is based on region

  • Update is in real-time

  • The currency will display in $US * We use an automatic currency conversion

Are there other metrics you would like to see in the Benchmark? We value your feedback and ideas so feel free to contact us with any suggestions.
2. Recent Billing Batches

A snapshot of your most recent Billing Batches.

See at a glance key information about the batch:

  • Invoice Number
  • Date
  • Batch Name

Note: You can also find other batches by using the Search box

3. Recent Invoices

A snapshot of your most recent Invoices.

See at a glance key information about recent invoices:

  • Batch Name
  • Created Date
  • Amount

Note: You can also find other invoices by using the Search box

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