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Create new Contract - Online Backup

This article will show you how to create a new Online Backup contract. This contract type can be used when you wish to charge the customer for calculated usage of Atera's integrated online backup at a Rate per Gigabyte.

You can set the Online Backup contract to be counted by:

  • PCs Total GB
  • Servers Total GB
  • Total GB (Both)

The billing calculation is based on the (Rate per GB * Usage). Atera automatically collects and populates this data. There is no requirement to enter the number of PCs and / or Servers manually. 

Note: This contract type can only be used with Atera Integrated Online Backup. For more information about Atera Online Backup, refer to the Online Backup section in the Atera Support Portal.

Required fields:

  • Contract Type
  • Rate per Gigabyte


To create an Online Backup Contract:

1. From the left hand panel click Customers


2. Then select the required customer

The Customer page displays.



3. Click Create Contract

The Add Contract Page Displays.



4. Enter the contract header details:

  • Select Customer (only if change from previously selected customer required)
  • Enter Contract Name
  • Select Start Date
  • Select End Date
    • Note: Atera will automatically calculate Todays date  + 3 years ahead
Optional to check:
  • Active (This must be selected to enable the contract)
  • Set this contract to Default contract (Select if you wish this contract to be the default contract type for this customer)
  • Set this contract as Taxable (Select if you need tax to automatically be added to the contract)


5. Select the Contract Type Online Backup

6. Select the Count By

Note: you can select only one of the three options; PCs, Servers or both together. If you plan to have a different rate for PCs and Servers you will need to create two separate contracts one for each type.


7. Select the Billing Period


8. Select the Rate per GB

Note: If you have not yet setup the Rate per GB type required you can do this now by clicking Add Rate.


9. Select the SLA Plan


10. Enter any contract Notes as required

11. Click Save



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