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How do I monitor my customer's ESXi host?

You can monitor an ESXi host using SNMP – OID. 

Examples of useful OIDs:

  • Disk Failures – Disk failure is represented by object namehrStorageAllocationFailures, where the OID is. The value you should receive will be either 0 or other number representing the number of errors that occurred. In order to receive a Critical Alert in your Atera dashboard, you should add. to the monitored OID; then set a condition of greater than 0; and of course Alert Severity should be set to Critical.
  • Memory (Used)– The server’s used memory is represented by object namehrStorageUsed, where the OID is. To get an alert on your Atera dashboard, add . to the monitored OID with the condition of greater than 4441124, and Alert Severity as Warning.
  • CPU - The CPU entry is represented by object namehrProcessorLoad. Add the following pattern to the 'Discover' window: .; you should receive a list of Cores. In order to monitor Core #8 use. to the monitored OID, with condition Greater than 60, and Alert Severity set to Critical

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