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Create an invoice and billing batch


To create a batch follow the steps below:


1. From the left hand panel click Billing
2. Then click Create New Batch
The Create Billing Batch page displays
Note: The first time that you use the billing module it may take a few moments to build your initial contract list. 


Billing Page Explained


Name Description
Customer Name The name of the customer
Contract Name The name of the contract specific to the customer
Contract Type The type of contract (This will effect billing behaviour)
Total Balance The total amount currently due from the customer contract
Selected Balance The balance that you will bill the customer for in this batch
Batch Details:  
Item Description
Bills To Create Auto updates based on selected contracts
Unbilled Tickets Auto updates - The number of customer tickets in the current batch that are yet to be billed
Hours Worked Auto updates - The total number of Ticket Hours worked in this billing batch
Billable Amount Auto Updates - The total amount to be billed in this batch
Tax Auto updates - The total tax amount on all selected contracts in the billing batch. If 'Taxable' checkbox is enabled at contract level tax will be automatically added to the billed amount for THAT CONTRACT ONLY
Total The total amount of the current billing batch (Billable Amount + Tax)
 Form Elements  
  A white box indicates that the contract can be selected for inclusion in the billing batch
  A black lock indicates that the contract cannot currently be selected for inclusion as it is still in an open contract period i.e. it is not 'ready for billing' 
   The blue lines expand the details of the contract and allow you to include or exclude specific items from the billing batch

You can filter the list of contracts based on:

  • Contract Type
  • Taxable Contracts (Whether the contract is enabled for tax or not)
  • Customer
  • Periods (Choose not to display contracts in the middle of their billing period)
3. Select contracts for inclusion by clicking the white boxes - the boxes will turn black to indicate the items have been selected
Note: The Batch Details will update as you select items
4. Click the expand icon next to each selected contract to view and update as required
The expanded contract view displays
Note: All currently due items are auto selected based on the contract - this includes any overdue items and any currently due items that are ready to be billed.
Review the selected items - in this example we may wish not to charge CoolRealty for the retainer fee in the April 7 - May 6 period as a gesture of goodwill.
5. Deselect the Apr 7 billing period - the block will turn grey and the batch details will auto update
Review each contract selected and update as required
6. Review Batch Details
7. Enter a batch name in the Save As field
8. Click Run
The Billing Batch displays invoice listing
Note: Use the Delete button to remove any unwanted invoices from the batch.
9. Under Batch Details box select if One invoice per customer is required (Consolidated invoice)
10. Click Generate Invoices
The Billing Batch page updates - Invoice View button is now enabled
To view an invoice preview click View
You can print the invoice using the Print button
11. To export the invoice batch click Export
The Export Invoices page displays.
12. Select the export method - in this example we will use QuickBooks Online
13. Sign into QuickBooks online - you may have to wait a short time for authorization to complete

Please note : In Chrome browsers, you might need to authorize access, by clicking on the key icon in the URL. 

A message displays when your batch is successfully exported

The Invoice Batch displays in QuickBooks
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