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Online Backup New Features

Exchange Granular Restore

  • Quickly and safely restore Exchange mail folders and messages deleted by accident.
  • The Backup Manager recovers essential user data including mailboxes, messages, contacts and calendar.
  • The recovery is performed direct to the Exchange server so you can start your mail client right after recovery and the recovered data will be there! No existing data gets removed or duplicated during the recovery process.

Expanded support for Dynamic Disks during Bare Metal Recovery 

Now Atera gives you the ability to convert dynamic disks to basic disks during Bare Metal Recovery.  

Virtual Disaster Recovery to VMware ESX Enhancements

  • This new feature includes the ability to use a direct mount of the VMDK file to improve performance. 
  • This can help you out when the restore instance of Backup Manager/Recovery Console and the target VM are hosted on the same datastore.
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