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Ninite Pro integration with Atera

Ninite holds a repository of patches for many types of software and apps.

From runtimes such as Java and Adobe, to messaging and ICQ clients such as Skype. If it exists, there is a good chance that Ninite has the latest patch for it.

Ninite combined with Atera allows the latest versions of patches to be applied easily, automatically and in bulk.

Select multiple patches to apply to customers in one shot. The next customer needs different patches? no problem, simply select the relevant patches from Ninite's vast list.

Getting Ninite:

1 .Login to your Ninite account

2. Select the programs you want to patch

3. Click Get your Ninite


This creates a customized exe file with only the programs you chose. This is created in the same path that you downloaded the original exe file.

In order to keep patches updated using Ninite, Atera offers two options:

1. Push the Ninite exe to the agent manually. 

2. Use an IT Automation profile to run periodical updates.

To run the exe file to agents follow the steps below:

1. From the left hand panel click Admin
2. Then click Scripts
The Scripts page Displays
3. Click Add Script
The Add Script window displays

4. Browse to the Ninite exe file

5. Add Description

6. Add Arguments to run the exe file

Example: to run the exe in silent mode + create a log file in a specific location with update only, use the following argument:

/silent . /updateonly

7. Launch the script from the Device Manage Dropdown > Run Script

 Use an IT Automation profile to run periodical updates

Create an automated profile. With IT Automation Profiles you can create and schedule Daily, Weekly and Monthly periodic maintenance tasks. Maintenance Tasks can be scheduled for Servers and Workstations 




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